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Alternate Careers

_Try something different_

This is the century for the creatives! It is time to follow a career that allows you to express that passion.

These are not how to guides, but focused on giving you an idea on what to expect in making it a career. 

All courses are created with a content specialist that is currently excelling in the role covered. This gives you a relevant insight into the industry.

becoming an author

Write your Story

Are you a word master and always gathering an audience? Well maybe it’s time to start your own journey as an Author.

In this course we breakdown the realities of becoming an Author with the well established Timothy Maurice Webster. With some great insights for you to get started!

Film Producer


Through the amazing talents and vision of Yoza Mnyanda, we dive into the realities of a local Film producer.

Included are some relevant insights, works from Yoza and even a link to TWO FREE movie editors for you to start dabbling!

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Have you got an eye for design, do you love creating visuals that speak to your soul? Then this one is for you!

In this short course we go through the motions of a Graphic Designer in the corporate world and what it takes to make a career out of your passion and talent. Perfect for any beginner looking to start designing their vision…

Tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist

Self expression at its best! A Tattoo is only as good as the master behind the needle…

In this intro short course we break down the realities of becoming a Tattoo artist in a growing field. Some great insights and tips from the ridiculously talented Blaine!

A life in comedy

It’s one thing to be funny, it’s another game all together trying to make money from it. Being an entertainer is no easy task.

In this short course we look into the life of a comedian whom has made a growing career out of his passion for entertainment. Some great insights into the realities of the job.


Get a glance into the world of the talented Singer, Songwriter – Shekhinah. 

This short course provides the insights and advice you need to get your music career going in the right direction!

School Teacher

Get a perspective from a current school Teacher on the realities of a career in the education industry.

Focusing on child level development and what it takes to make a career in the education space!

A career in I.T.

What seems difficult and challenging to some is joy and happiness to others. If you have a passion for technology then this free short course is for you!

With an I.T. expert and educator, we break down the expectations of I.T. careers and how best to get in.


With a love and talent for Photography and all things creative, Elizabeth gives some insight into the life of a photographer. 

This short course is perfect for any budding shutter bugs that want to make a career out of their hobby!

Rock Musician

As a talented Rock musician, Ryno gives a unique perspective to the life of a musician.

This free short course will help guide you into the expectations of a rock musician and the realities on making a career out of your passion!

Thrift store owner

If you have a love for fashion then this one is for you!

Through the eyes of a creative we break down the realities and expectations for a passion into Thrifting.

Community Development

In this short course we go over the role of a Community development consultant.

This focuses on the realities of a community/NGO specialist and insights into following this career path. 

educational short courses free

More courses still to come …

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