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Financial literacy South Africa

 Financial literacy for South Africans!

This online series is a collection of short courses aimed to teach South Africans of every age, how to handle money and life. 

With a section for each stage of life, and a money category to match, you can pick and choose what you want to learn, in any order you like!

Financial literacy South Africa


First thing’s first! Let us kick off with an intro before we start the important stuff!

Lessons are great when you know WHY you are taking them, but we have to start off with that WHY. 

This is your first course introducing you to the idea of money: how it affects our life from a young age, all the way to how we teach our kids about money!

We also have a really important segment on how to start the money conversation with your family and friends. 

This is such an important step in your financial wellbeing, and creates the support you need to truly make a difference in your life and in your community!

Now you are ready to start the financial education journey that will change your life forever!

Choose your fighter!


Financial literacy South Africa

Meet Thandeka! She is an ambitious, energetic, and smart 8 year old.

Thandeka really wants to get her very own keyboard so that she can play some keys like Alicia, but sadly no one in her family can afford it right now.

So, let’s all join Thandeka on her mission to learn how to save up for that amazing keyboard! It could be the start of her talented journey…


Financial literacy South Africa

Meet Clarissa! She is a hardworking, caring, and clever 14 year old!

Clarissa has always wanted to start taking painting lessons! But sadly, her parents just can’t afford it every month. This puts a sad face on this future Da Vinci.

So, let’s all join Clarissa on her journey in making extra pocket money! Looks like painting won’t be the only lesson she learns…


Financial literacy South Africa

Meet Joy! She is an intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate 19 year old!

Joy has started her very first job this year, and every month feels like January. Sadly, she is struggling to pay all of her debit orders each month due to her social life!

So, let’s all join Joy on her road to redemption, from budgeting, to smart spending, and planned swipes! Joy may just end up setting an example for all of her friends…


Financial literacy South Africa

Meet Tshepo! He is a creative, expressive, and driven 25 year old!

Tshepo has a good job and is looking to start his own family. However, he is worried his salary is not enough to be the provider he wants to be. He believes he is capable of so much more!

So, let’s all join Tshepo on his path to a thriving business! By starting a side hustle and becoming the first CEO in his family…

Money Management

Last and final step! Know that you have learnt the basics of saving, earning, spending, and hustling, we can end of our money series with some final money tips …

Money comes and goes as we get older in life. Some days are good and others are a struggle. So, we want to share some simple money management tips you can try out to help find the stability we all need in life!

This is your last course within this series and will take you through the concepts of spreading your budget, using what you have, and planning for the future!

As you continue to learn how to manage your money, and get the best out of life – Why not check out the amazing bootcamp we have for anyone thinking of starting their very own side hustle!

We have an amazing App that gives you everything from the website and more! 

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