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Free online courses South Africa

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_ Who doesn’t love a Freebie in life _

Here are all of the categories we have available for your enjoyment!

_ Select any one of them and start your learning journey _

Free online courses South Africa

Alternate Careers

_ Looking at careers outside of the Norm _

We breakdown the realities of non-traditional careers that you could aim for. From a Tattoo artist to a Photographer – We cover them all…

Packed with insights from the experts doing it right now!

Financial literacy South Africa

Money Walks

_ Financial Literacy  _

This is a money series specifically made to provide financial literacy knowledge for all South Africans. With courses from Ages 8 all the way up to 100+, we have a lesson for everyone!

All told as stories from South Africa!

Kulcha Cooks

_ A love for local food _

A beginners guide to actually starting to cook your own food at home…

We will also include a whole bunch of local South African recipes from those that make it at home …

Hustle Up !

_ Start your Side Hustle _

This 8 part series will get you to actually START your Side Hustle! From choosing an idea to marketing online – this is all you need to launch your business of passion…

All steps promote free resources and tools – No costs involved!

Mother Tongue

_ Learn a new Language _

South Africa has 11 official languages and cultures to match. We have created an introduction to each language and culture – Some essential words and sayings you need to get started…

Videos included to help with the pronunciations!

High Life

_ Let’s make life easier _

These courses focus on helping your personal and professional life – From making a CV to starting a budget. We all need some guidance when it comes to winning in life…

We’ve even got a course on how to change a tyre!

Young Hustla

_ Educational Comic Books _

Created by the amazing crew at Young Hustla – These comic books provide insights and lessons on South Africans and Entrepreneurship journeys!

There details are included inside!

Veggies on Tap

_ Cut that grocery budget _

This amazing series will teach you how to start your own growing garden at home! From vegetables and fruit, to herbs and flowers, we will cover the perfect starter pack!

The best way to stay healthy and keep those food costs down…

Currently under Development!

Hobby Land

_ Find a new passion _

This series will focus on teaching you a new skill in the form of a Hobby! Use it to start a Side Hustle or just to help you relax on the weekends – either way, we will help you learn something new…

Currently under Development!

Looking to start a Hustle?

We have a bootcamp made just for you.

To help guide you through the journey of your very own Side Hustle. Step by Step, we got your covered!

We have an amazing App that gives you everything from the website and more! 

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