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Free Side hustle courses online

Get your side hustle started !

Side hustle Free Short courses online

This 8 part series will help you create your Side hustle from scratch to open and operating.

Take it one course at a time, or pick and choose what you need!

All courses promote free resources and available tools – So you don’t have to spend any money on setting up these initiatives. Even possible with nothing but a Smartphone!!!

Tailor-made for the South African community! 

If you are serious about starting your own Side Hustle and need a more guided program. Then join our very own CEO’s in Training bootcamp that is completely FREE to join and available online at anytime you are ready!

Check it out below for more information …

Side Hustle ideas short course

Every hustle starts with an idea!

But how do you know if it is the right idea? Will it make you money and how much work do you need to put into setting it up? All valid and scary questions that may put you off starting your Side hustle. 

In this short course we will cover these concepts and much more, with a few ideas for you to try out as well!

Finding your people!

Now that you know what you are selling, it’s time to figure out WHO you are selling it to?

In this short course we will break down the process to finding your perfect Target Market with a Product Bio and User Persona. Once you have figured this out, you can determine how to approach and advertise to your people!

A recognisable brand!

Your Side Hustle name is crucial to making an impact on the world. This how they will recognise you and your brand. Therefore, your Name and Logo needs to really capture the identity of your Side Hustle.

In this course we will go through the process of finding your perfect Side Hustle name and Logo to match your ambitions!

Side hustle Short course

Finally getting started!

In this short course we will cover the basics for putting together a process guide. Aimed at getting you off the ground and actually making your product and sales.

We will also cover the process to uncover our cost breakdown, and pricing structure!

Side hustle promotional designs

Creating your posts!

Once you are up and running, you have to keep some consistency. So that requires making new images and posts for social media to promote your Side Hustle and what you’re offering…

In this short course we will cover the essential designs and content for your Side Hustle promos. All with the magic of Canva!

Picking your platform

When time is limited, we don’t want to waste it on platforms that don’t hold your target market. So we will provide a break down of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We will be looking into the audience it holds, stats, and some useful approaches included.

Keeping your Hustle alive!

The oxygen to your business! Without constant cashflow your Side Hustle will fizzle out. A sad but true reality for any business venture, big or small…

In this short course we will cover the basics for keeping track of your money coming in, and how to ensure you maintain a good level of Cashflow to keep your Side Hustle going!

Free budget templates included inside!

Side Hustle partnerships course

Growing your Brand!

Now that your Side Hustle is thriving, money coming in, and growing into a serious business – It is time to work with your community and fellow entrepreneurs!

In this short course we will look into the options to form working partnerships and promote collaborations with others. Full of tips and suggestions to get started.

Now that you have your Side Hustle up and running – Lets look into your Future!

Start advertising your Side Hustle/Freelance business to South Africa for Free – Get your very own page to show off your value!

In the interim, Look into the realities of a Career outside of the Norm! We cover options from a Tattoo artist to a Photographer and more…

Or, check out all of the amazing free resources we have collected for you!

Side hustle Free Short courses online

We have an amazing App that gives you everything from the website and more! 

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