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Join us on this journey with our case study, Zinhle. This story showcases the impact which we are striving to achieve in the lives of every South African.

As you follow along, you will discover Zinhle’s lifelong relationship with Educ’ish, and the incredible future she is able to build with our resources, tools and support.

Vision for South African Youth

Meet Zinhle – A bubbly, smart, and hopeful young lady. Zinhle has always been extremely ambitious but never had the support and resources as others in South Africa. All she ever wanted was someone in her corner, helping her reach her dreams to a better life!

Let’s join Zinhle on a journey through her life, the discovery of Educ’ish, and what she was able to become…

Vision for South African Youth

_ Let’s take a walk with Zinhle _

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