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CEO's in Training

Becoming your own boss is possible!

We made this bootcamp just for you, to finally start that side hustle you have always wanted! 

But, starting is the hardest part – So this online bootcamp is the best place to be, and its all for FREE !!!

How does it work ?

This is a 6-week Online bootcamp that will get you to ACTUALLY start your very own side hustle and be set up for success. We focus on free tools and sustainable methods to ensure you can grow your business into the real deal!

Everything is online – From your phone, App, or laptop!

You will have specific tasks and courses to be completed each week, all on this platform. 

You will have the opportunity to engage on WhatsApp/email/ or any digital channel –  to ask questions, to share your successes, and to discuss the topics for each week!

No meetings, calls, or deadlines – all is flexible and on your own time !!!

Check out the Bootcamp structure, to see what is covered within this program!

Or, Have a listen to a message from our CEO about the importance of this bootcamp and what it means for you to take part! Click on the voice note below to listen in … 

What is needed ?

There is no cost at all for this Bootcamp!

You can start at any time you want. The resources you will be using are all free as well, with a focus on using what you have available over buying solutions to problems.

You will need to ensure you have a working Smartphone and Data each week to completed the online courses, for any engagement, and to get your Side Hustle running by the end of it all. 

So, are you ready to finally start your own Side Hustle?

If you are ready and itching to get that side hustle up and running, we are here to hold your hand and push you over the line! 

We want nothing in return other than to see you actually running your own business like a true CEO…

Take that leap of faith, and trust in yourself that you can make it happen…

Come and join our CEO’s in Training Bootcamp now!

Still need some motivation?

Check out all of the Side Hustles we have created through this amazing Bootcamp!!!

Side Hustle free bootcamp

We have an amazing App that gives you everything from the website and more! 

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