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Life hacks online short courses

High Life

_Small steps make the greatest change_

We can’t take care of others until we take care of ourselves. High Life aims to provide helpful tips and tricks to make life a little bit easier.

 The busier we get, the more organised we need to be. These courses should bring some structure to your work and life balance!

educational short courses free

Changing a Tyre


One of life’s most daunting tasks! Not really, but it isn’t something we are all taught to handle. 

This short course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle that next flat tyre that come your way!

You are your brand


Your customers experience more than just your product or service. Some choose your business based on the experience and value they receive above the core product you offer.

This short course gives some insight into the concept of a personal brand and how to remain authentic.

Build a CV

Helping you put together a CV that fits your personality and showcases your potential. 
The attachment below is an example of what your CV could look like. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
Mental Wellness South Africa

A Mental Wellness Game

Finally, a South African service that promotes our mental and emotional wellbeing. “In My Feelings” is an AMAZING card game that helps get conversations started!

This short course will unpack the need for this type of service and what is actually on offer from the “In My Feelings” game…

Choosing your education


If we are lucky enough to have the resources to study a formal education, let it not be wasted!

This short course will help navigate the options in front of you and how to decide which of these are best suited to your own passions and ambition.

Managing your Money

Making money isn’t easy – Keeping money is even harder! This course aims to help manage your finances to give you the freedom you need to reach your goals.
The attachment below is a Free Budget Template to help you get started. Download it and get started!

Making new friends is fun!

So try learning a new language to make some new connections ___

educational short courses free

Life hacks online short courses

More courses still to come …

We have an amazing App that gives you everything from the website and more! 

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