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Vision for South African Youth

Zinhle started out her life in a small town called Inanda. Although school promised a better life, it was unfortunately not very inspiring. Zinhle had greater ambitions than the typical reality of an admin job, long hours in an office, and struggling from paycheck to paycheck.

This all changed when she discovered the Educ’ish platform – her life would never be the same again! It spoke to the ambitions of her heart and soul, providing free education and guidance, and a path to release the greatness inside of her.

Zinhle dove right in, learning about the many creative careers available in the world, a wide variety of D.I.Y. skills that she could start as a hobby, and more importantly the platform gave her something which she could relate to, as a young South African finding her way!

_ Find out what happens next on Zinhle’s journey _

Vision for South African Youth

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