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Vision for South African Youth

Within a few months of leaving school, and feeling like life was passing her by, Zinhle decided to take control of her life.  She wanted to become great at something, so she returned to Educ’ish with her deep passion for drawing, art, and all things colourful. Finding a graphic design tutorial and practical resources, Zinhle was able to start her journey of design, and was now building her story of success!

Over the next year, Zinhle started to master her skills as an artist, both with paintings and digital designs. She learnt to speak Setswana, and even learnt how to start her very own sustainable garden at home, all through the Educ’ish platform.

This was Zinhle’s year of self-development and growing into an adult. With what she had learned on the Educ’ish platform, Zinhle was now feeling confident in her abilities, and looking forward to a life full of promise and possibilities!

_ Zinhle is growing as a person, where to now? _

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