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Vision for South African Youth

Zinhle had now finished High School. Her family couldn’t afford to send her to university, and truthfully, she didn’t really have an interest in any specific degree. Zinhle was now more than ready to start making her own money with the skillset which she had been growing over the last two years. So Zinhle decided to join the CEO’s in Training Bootcamp with Educ’ish, hoping to create a steady income for herself and her family.

Within two months, Zinhle was not only able to create a sustainable business, but also created a uniquely South African brand that showcased her culture and personality, which was something she was really proud of.

The bootcamp helped Zinhle create a target market strategy, social media branding, and enabled her to be the first in her family to have their own business! By using the many free resources and tools available on the Educ’ish platform, and advertising her talented services as a freelance graphic designer on the platform’s marketplace, Zinhle soon had new projects to do and money was flowing in! Zinhle decided to use the Educ’ish money management and budgeting courses to make the most of what she was earning, and help her business grow sustainably.

Vision for South African Youth

_ Zinhle is making some big moves, where will she end up?_

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