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Lesson One

History of the language

The Setswana language is not only an official language in South Africa but is also a national language spoken in Botswana. With around 9% of people in South Africa speaking the language and is closely related to the Sotho group.

The Tswana people are most commonly known for their unique food, traditional dresses, and distinct fashion style.

Below is our Introduction video to the Setswana Language and culture – Check it out!

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(Pronounced like “Sky” but without the “S” sound)

Try with “Le Kae” – Setswana for How are you?


(Tongue against top of mouth – Push out air)

Try with “Matlho” – Setswana for Eyes.


(Tongue against front  of teeth – Push air out)

Try with “Itumetse” – Setswana for Happy.

Check out the tutorial video below on how to pronounce the specific letters and words!

Play Video about Setswana language course

Setswana short course free


Hello (One person)


Hello (People)


How are you (One person)

Le kae?

Excuse me


Thank you

Ke a leboga

I am well

Ke teng


Tsamaya sentle

See you soon

Ke tla go bona kgantele

Good night

Robalang sentle

You are welcome

O a amogelwa

Quick Question

What does the phrase “Tsamaya sentle” mean in English?

Setswana short course free

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