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Lesson Five

Setswana free language course


Taxi please

Thekesi, tsweetswee

I would like some coffee please

Ke batla kofi, tsweetswee

Turn left

Sokologela go molema

Turn right

Sokologela go moja

This is too big

E, e kgolo

Please take me to the airport

Nkise go kotamodifofane tsweetswee

I want to withdraw money

Ke batla go goga madi

Straight ahead

Tlhamalala fela

It is too expensive

Go tura go feta

I want to see a doctor

Ke batla go bona ngaka

This is too small

E, e nnyane

I am hungry

Ke tshwerwe ke tlala

I am happy

Ke itumetse

I am sick

Ke a lwala

I am tired

Ke lapile

I am thirsty

Ke tshwerwe ke lenyora

Continued learning

Online dictionary –  https://thevore.com/tswana/

Use the above link for an online Setswana to English translations. If you are stuck with a word, then look it up and grow your ability to converse and communicate.

The best way to continue practicing any new language is to make relationships. Find someone at work, in your community or through online channels that speak Setswana. Form a relationship that allows you to practice and grow your confidence in speaking Setswana conversationally. You might just make some new friends along the way!

Quick Question

How do you say “I am tired” in Setswana?

Setswana free language course

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